Inspired 2 Inspire

A mentorship program that creates authentic relationships between young professionals and Inspirees (high school students). With one-on-one mentoring and coordinated activities, our program will lead to success by engaging in shared experiences focused on four core areas: Cultural Awareness, Service Leadership, Professional Preparedness, and Social Etiquette.


Building Racial Interactions in Diverse Geographic Environments -create cross racial friendships with youth of both affluent and disenfranchised neighborhood for peer mentoring. We believe diversity evokes change. BRIDGE was cultivated in results of public and school shootings, hate crimes, and uninformed individuals.

Hanging with the Pros

Our program partnered with The Medical University of South Carolina Children's Hospital Heart Health Program, an initiative that teaches a behavioral approach to weight management for children who are overweight or obese, with a focus on an active lifestyle and good food choices. We also provide support to football camps and youth activities organized by current and retired NFL players.

Next Steps...

You can be a part of this mentorship program by supporting the youth to become tomorrow's leaders...